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Petersburg's history dates from 1645 when the colonial legislature at Jamestown Virginia ordered a fort built at the falls of Appomattox River, which came to be known as Fort Henry. Major-General Abraham Wood, commander of the fort, established a trading station to serve explorers for western expeditions and himself completed three exploratory expeditions from Fort Henry, venturing to the falls of the Roanoke River near the Caroline line, across the Appalachian Mountains, and into Cherokee Indian country, helping pave the way for settlement of the mid-west. By 1675, Peter Jones was operating the prosperous trading station, to which the growing population referred as “Peter's Point”. The name of the Town of Petersburg evolved from “Peter's Point”. (Today the ruins of the trading station can still be seen and visited, thanks to the preservation efforts of HPF.) Petersburg has survived three major wars: the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and as some would still say, the “War of Northern Aggression” also known as the American Civil War.

Preserving American History Since 1967

The Historic Petersburg Foundation was founded in 1967. Now better known as “HPF”, the organization is committed to the preservation of Petersburg’s rich architectural legacy by acquiring neglected buildings strategically located in historic neighborhoods in need of economic stimulation for their rejuvenation. After acquisition, HPF holds the properties until a qualified buyer is found to assume responsibility, as the primary resident, for the restoration and preservation of the building with compliance to the protective covenants. This strategy has had a significant impact on the restoration and preservation of many buildings and several historically significant neighborhoods. To date, the number of historic buildings HPF has helped preserve is over 200…and counting.

Historic Petersburg: Virginia's Best Kept Secret. Video provided courtesy of VSU Today.

"Just down the hill from Virginia State University lies one of the true treasures of the Commonwealth (of Virginia). Petersburg is a centuries old city that has survived so much, but its majestic homes stand proud to tell its history..."

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Petersburg is a Diamond in the Rough, nestled into the south of Richmond on your way down to Emporia and North Carolina. We think we're a pretty cool town, so come on by and check us out and see for yourself!