Bird of Peace, Ghost of Rat Castle, Glorious Adventure

$15 Donation Bundle


For a Charitable Tax Deductible Donation of just $15.00 you’ll receive a special Three Book Bundle. These three titles produced by the Historic Petersburg Foundation include two fiction stories, A Bird of Peace is born in Petersburg and The Ghost of Rat Castle, and The Glorious Adventure, an account of a 1904 expedition down the Appomattox River.

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Product Description

The Ghost of Rat Castle – by J. Wayne Beachy is a fictional tale about the Trapezium House. The Trapezium House is a real house in Petersburg. It was built by superstitious Charles O’Hara in the shape of a trapezium on the advice of his West Indian servant, who believed that ghosts and other supernatural creatures can dwell only in places that have right angles, so in this entire house there is not one corner with a right angle.

A Bird of Peace – bu J. Wayne Beachy is a fictional tale of several encounters in Petersburg during the Civil War and the presence of a small bird.

The Glorious Adventure – by G.L. English. This charming little book tells the story exactly as it was written in a log from a 1904 expedition 75 miles down the Appomattox River.