Foundation Honors Preservation Achievements

On Sunday, April 29, Historic Petersburg Foundation held its 45th Annual Meeting at the Union Train Station. Former First Lady Roxane Gatling Gilmore gave a behind the scenes account of the restoration of the Virginia Governor’s House. Under her leadership as Chair of the Committee for the Restoration of the Governor’s House, a 21st century home for Virginia’s governors and their families was created, while respecting this historic landmark that was built in 1813. The restoration involved both public spaces and the official government residence and is beautifully documented in Roxane’s book Restoring the Virginia Governor’s House.

On Sunday, the organization presented awards for achievements in historic preservation this past year. Ben Greenbaum, chairman of the 2012 Awards Committee presented Chris Calkins with the Governmental/Public Servant Award, Bob Kennedy with the Petersburg Heritage Award and John Rooney, Jr., the Preservation Volunteer Award.

The Ladies Memorial Association was awarded the Charles J. DuBois Sustaining Preservationist Award for their work at Blandford Church. Robert Lynch was the recipient of the Preservationist of the Year Award for his commitment and achievements to historic preservation this past year.

Despite the current real estate market, there were significant restoration projects in Petersburg this past year. Each of these outstanding restorations are the result of the owners determination, patience, vision and great financial investment. They adapted these historic buildings for modern use and preserved them for the next generation. The Historic Petersburg Foundation’s Architectural Preservation & Restoration Awards were given to the following:

  • Tony and Gwen Cooper for 11 North Sycamore Street, Second Hand Rose
  • E. Isaac Ward for 133 N. Sycamore Street, The Oddfellows Building
  • Charles Cuthbert, Jr. & Nathaniel Cuthbert for 200 N. Sycamore Street, Courthouse View Apartments
  • Charles and Frannie Rawlings for 250 N. Sycamore Street, The Dixie
  • Susette Kearns for the residence at 143 Marshall Street

For his work restoring 105 N. Sycamore Street, Mark Pehanich received the Craftsman/Artisan Award.

In May, Rob Blount, Bobby Lynch, Wert Smith, Jr., Garland Tompkins and Cleve Wright will begin their three-year terms on the Board of Trustees. HPF’s progress and accomplishments are not possible without the leadership of dedicated Board members.

Since its founding HPF has played a key role in the preservation of Petersburg. HPF is a non-profit organization dedicated to leading the preservation and restoration of Petersburg’s historic architecture, its neighborhoods and to telling their story. Generous support from HPF members and friends make this work possible.

Architectural Preservation Awards:
Tony & Gwen Cooper – 11 North Sycamore Street (Second Hand Rose shop)

Charles H. Cuthbert, Jr. – 200 North Sycamore Street (Courthouse View Apts)

Nathaniel W. Cuthbert – 200 North Sycamore Street (Courthouse View Apts)

Charles & Frannie Rawlings – 250 North Sycamore Street (the Dixie)

Susette Kearns – 143 Marshall Street

E. Isaac Ward – 133 North Sycamore Street (the Oddfellows Building)

Charles J. DuBois Sustaining Preservationist Award – The Ladies Memorial Association

Craftsman/Artisan Award – Mark Pehanich -105 North Sycamore Street

Governmental/Public Servant Award – Chris Calkins

Petersburg Heritage Award – John R. Kennedy

Preservationist of the Year Award – Robert Lynch

Preservation Volunteer Award – John A. Rooney, Jr.

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